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Commercial Services



We have a different approach to property management. By using sustainable pruning practices when possible we are able to increase our amount of time spent on important factors of landscape care such as turf care, weed control, trash cleanup, and maximizing plant blooming periods. Our commercial professionals have the latest equipment to get your property to it’s optimal shape at the lowest cost possible. Interested in scheduling a complimentary consultation to discuss your property’s landscaping maintenance needs? Call 623-465-2546 or send us an email.


Irrigation Management and Repair

One of the most important factors of successfully maintaining a property is irrigation management. Our full time techs will be able to adjust controllers properly and check for damaged sprinkler heads and lines. If repairs need to be done, you can rest assured that our emergency response time is 48 hrs. for repair work necessary.

Iddings & Sons Landscaping have years of experience in troubleshooting and repairing irrigation systems. Many systems are over 20 years old and should be evaluated quarterly. A list of repair services includes:

  • Irrigation Design Layouts
  • Backflow Devices
  • Controllers
  • Valves and Master Valves
  • Smart Controllers and Rain Sensors
  • Irrigation Line and Emitter Repairs
  • Sprinkler Repair


Lighting Maintenance and Repair

Lighting systems should be evaluated on a bi-annual basis and assessed for problems. Many systems have the ability to be converted to energy-saving L.E.D. bulbs. Also, many systems can be retrofitted to handle smart applications so you can control your lighting system from your phone or tablet. Iddings & Sons Landscaping’s lighting services include:

  • Complete lighting design
  • Lighting troubleshooting and shorts
  • Assessments and adjusting transformers
  • Retrofitting older systems

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“I have been working with Iddings and Sons Landscaping for many years and am happy to have them as a great company and personal friends. I work as an architect and contractor so I have worked with several other competitors prior and have never had the level of service and detail as I do with Iddings. They are extremely knowledgeable about plantings and design. Their execution in the field is spot-on, and their workforce is fantastic. I also have to say that their pricing structure is very fair and I never have to worry about not getting what was expected or change-ordered throughout the process. Overall Iddings is prompt, hard-working, honest and just a pleasure to work with.”

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